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Boneyards of the Evil Empire

Recently, America’s “Russian ally,” stabbed the USA in the back yet again. The Russians have teamed up with the Chinese communists and the Iranian terrorist regime against the USA. That makes them also the allies of CBS, NBC, ABC, the New York Times and the Washington Post. America is rift with treason as an anti-semitic word targets America and Israel for annihilation.

Some of use have always understood the psychology of the Russians, Chinese and muslims. In 1992, Breaker McCoy of Quikmaneuver publications wrote Daring Thrust, Deep Battle, a book suffused with ugly secrets about World War II’s Eastern Front. Mr. McCoy, for example was the first American author to write about the USSR’s refusal to bury its World War II dead. Following is an excerpt from that book.

“If one wants to understand the war on the Eastern Front, the USSR and the incarnate evil of the Russian people (who seem most comfortable as subjugated serfs subservient to bestial gangster feudalism) he should visit some of the hundreds of World War II battlefields in the Soviet Union of the millennium. There he will be struck by the essence of the people who died in their tens of millions (30 to 100 million?) attempting to enslave all of Europe and the world for their Marxist masters.

Staring at the battlefield boneyards, even the most insensitive will understand that the people of the Soviet Union are now, as they have been since 1917. They are godless beings who neither value other people's lives nor have any respect for common human virtues like kindness, love, respect and honoring their own dead!Two examples of Soviet/Russian brutality are presented here, but hundreds more still exist in the killing fields located throughout European Russia and Siberia. The Gulags of Siberia where slave laborers have been working and dying in their millions since 1920, and even until now, is the subject of yet another ugly horror story about the Soviet Union which will never be fully exposed.

The horrible ugliness of the bestiality and inhumanity of the Soviet Union will never be revealed in its entirety. The leftist elites that control establishment opinion in the United States, Germany and other powerful western nations, remain sympathetic to Soviet Russia and its communist dogma. They will never really criticize the Soviets or the current gangster Mafiocracy that controls Russia. It is the leftist elite of America, which has caused American taxpayers to unknowingly provide the money, which kept Soviet Russia in power for eight decades. Soon American taxpayers will unwittingly be doing the same for Communist China as the US, and the US alone, builds Communist China, the Asiatic USSR, into a new threat to world peace!

For over fifty years those same American leftist/affluent elites have maintained a steady media drumfire of hate propaganda towards long-dead Hitlerite Germany. Yet, the Third Reich never even came close to the evil and murderous inhumanity of Soviet Russia or Communist China. For example, Hitlerite Germany is falsely credited with inflicting six million dead. However, Soviet Russia has exterminated, between 1917 and 1985, over eighty million people! That’s a ratio of one to thirteen, yet Hitlerite Germany continues to receive nearly 98% of media criticism and false accusations of mass murder. There is little criticism and no war crimes trials for Soviet mass murderers.

The skewed falsity of history is a matter of political prejudice. Since influential Israel, the church, the media, and western political elites are all leftist institutions they have a sense of comradeship towards the Russian Mafiocracy. Are we surprised that they have hatred to spare for the sins of the German Nazi rightist regime, but none for the Soviet leftist communist regime? That is why history is distorted and how lies are promulgated for decades, even centuries. Embedded in that sinister coil is the implication or promise of a dark future for the West!
In January 1942, the Soviet 13th Cavalry Corps, part of General Vlasov's 2nd Shock Army, plunged into a breakthrough breach intending to cut off German Army Group North. Instead, the red invaders found themselves trapped in the Volkhov Pocket deep freeze. Tens of thousands of Soviet troops died in the endless woods of Myasnoi Bor, north of Novgorod. Remnants of the 2nd Shock Army didn't break out of the Volkhov Pocket for six months. All of the survivors of the 2nd Shock Army who finally broke out were starving and most volunteered to fight the communist regime, under German command. Their commanding General Vlasov led them against their former red masters.

As the mounds of communist dead at Myasnoi Bor piled up and began to rot, the battles of the Eastern Front moved on to other fields. The Red Army corpses lay there shuddering as the ground trembled and heaved during several more years of war. Then the battlefields grew quiet. But the corpses were still there, rotting in a monstrous state of putrefaction, they were denizens of a frightful charnel house of dead men, many of whom still held their sub machine guns in rotting fingers. Their white finger bones still glistened on the triggers.

Soon the corpses were crawling with thousands of disgusting yellowish maggots, as they quivered in decay. Miles of liquefying Soviet corpses, now putrid sacks of oozing human corruption, lay for mile upon mile among the splintered trees of Myasnoi Bor. Then, with peace, the distant sounds of battle all fell away and only the bones remained, glistening and white. As time passed with the seasons, no one came to honor or bury those dead of Myasnoi Bor? But destitute Russian peasants came... to loot the corpses and collect axes, saws, shovels, spare parts, weapons, ammunition and other souvenirs from the dead and their blown up vehicles. Sometimes the conscience of those greedy peasants caused them to gather a handful of identity tags from this or that mound of bones. But no one buried the abandoned Marxist dead. They lay on the open ground ignored, dishonored and forgotten for decades.

Then, in the early-1990s, a Soviet propaganda magazine distributed to extreme liberals residing in the United States, published a photo story on Myasnoi Bor Battlefield as it is now. What did they report in pictures and terse, propaganda prose? With photographs and words the Soviet propagandists described the endless open plains and forests, white with bones and piles of bones. They told about the miles of unburied corpses who have lain where they died for fifty years. The communist propagandist depicted the horror as something worthy of praise.

For over fifty years those Red Army cadavers, lying in their hundreds of thousands on abandoned East Front battlefields, have been ignored by the monstrous police state that committed them to death! The reds were simply too insensitive to realize just how damning the evidence of their own lack of humanity is so brutally exemplified by the existence of those boneyards ! As of December 2002, very little facts about those Soviet boneyards have made their way into the American-controlled worldwide media or internet web.


Hundreds of miles away, to the southeast of Myasnoi Bor, is another abandoned World War II battlefield. That battlefield, however, is not in a deep and forbidding woods, miles from the nearest city. That battlefield is in and around a major city. It is the Stalingrad, aka Volgagrad, battlefield stretching for tens of miles along the Volga and Don Rivers.

In the early 1990s, Walter Seledec of the Austrian Television Network visited Volgagrad/Stalingrad to see where the fifty thousand Austrian members of the destroyed German 6th Army had died and were buried. It is a place where the grass didn't grow for a year after the battle; where run-offs after the winter thaw, for over a year after the battle, were still pink with the blood of the dead.Until 1989, the Stalingrad battlefield and hundreds more World War II battlefields within the Soviet Union had been deemed "sensitive areas," closed to foreign visitors. Sedelec was there visiting In 190-81. He stood where the, "...contours of former trenches and dirt bunkers (are) still recognizable."Seledec drove an hour across the battlefield to a site near the town of Peschanka. In shock he stopped his car and got out. There he was astounded to see that, "...the balki, the gullies and slopes of the steppes, were littered with sun-bleached bones."

Walter Seledec described the horror: "There you are, standing beside an open field, and you are confronted with things you cannot believe, things you have never seen in your life, things you would not think possible in this day and age. There in the open fields, all the way to the horizon, are the skeletons of human beings, just lying there in the open fields. I dont mean a few. There are hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands...Human remains lying in the fields. Human skeletons as far as the eye can see."

The many photographs that Seledec took have preserved the horror for all time. In those photographs, "...(to) the distant horizon...(the) surface is littered with the remains of human skeletons--arms, legs, pelvic bones, skulls, an occasional rib...large piles of bones...fragments, shell cases, and an undetonated projectile; a rusted machine gun; a battered metal container...Skulls...hundreds of them, thousands of them, Just lying around out there in the open fields...Skulls lie in helmets, decayed bones still stand in boots, on the spines hang the identity tags...No cross. No wreath. This unknown soldier never made it into a mass grave. Today, he lies on the steppe outside Volgograd exactly as he fell fifty years ago. His shirt and uniform buttons still lie between his ribs." Such scenes and media coverage caused a furor in Europe. Documentaries were made of the bone fields and articles were written in every major European magazine and newspaper.

In the United States and Germany, however, a news blackout has been maintained regarding the unburied Red Army dead. The controlled media in those two leftist media states instituted that news blackout for political reasons. They didn't want to sully the Russians with the truth, as has been their policy for fifty years! America's governing media elite remains loyal to the Soviet's reputation!”


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